Enki was the god of water in the ancient Dilmun civilisation and is the inspiration for artist and sculptor Khalil Al Hashimi, who started his artistic journey in the 1970s. He obtained his Master’s degree in Sculpture from the Faculty of Sculpture in the Academy of Arts in Leningrad, Russia. His works have an identity of their own and cover all aspects of modernisation that encompass the heritage, the environment, the community and its customs and traditions as well as history, especially the periods related to the Dilmun era.
Al Hashimy joined the Craft Centre in 1996 and has explored his expressive realist style through his precise and detailed drawings. He has designed many sculptures and artworks using plaster, bronze, gold, silver and many other materials. He has won many local and international prizes and is working to complete a sculpture project focusing on the leading intellectuals, writers and poets of Bahrain, through creating their images and introducing their personalities within a 3D work.

"Man and Dream" and "Man and Peace" are among his best works that give expression to man’s hopes, fears and ambitions.