The wool project is one of leading craft projects in Bahrain, launched in 1991 under the supervision of the Directorate of Small & Craft Industries of the Ministry of Industry & Commerce. In 2010, the project was transferred to the Ministry of Social Development & Human Rights.

The main objectives of the Wool Project are to:

  • Preserve and develop handmade crafts and encourage those involved to continue practising them.
  • Create job opportunities for youth.
  • Encourage Bahrainis to practise the creation of handicrafts to improve their value.
  • Make Bahraini citizens feel they are productive human beings capable of learning new skills that provide decent living standards for them and their families.
  • Give high value to locally-made products among Bahraini nationals.
  • Increase incomes to ensure a dignified living for the craftsman and his family.
  • Open new markets for Bahraini industries at the local, regional, Arab and International levels.
  • Develop cooperation between the government and civic organisations to set up handicraft production projects that attract Bahraini youth.
  • Link the programmes and activities of women's societies and youth clubs to the country’s development plans.

The project is located in the Arab Club in Deraz village and consists of 12 craftswomen with experience in spinning and weaving wool. The stages of the craft are:

  • Sorting, washing and drying the wool.
  • Combing the wool.
  • Spinning the wool to make threads out of it.
  • Weaving on the looms.
  • Producing carpets in various sizes.

The products are in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours and include wall and ground carpets, home decorations, bags and hats.