Craftsman Kadhem Ali makes “Sanadeeq Al Mubayatah” which is among the masterpieces of an ancient traditional art. Those boxes were used in Bahraini homes to keep clothes and valuables. Kadhem Ali started to make and sell the traditional boxes in 1998. He joined the Crafts Centre in 2004 and his products are exhibited there.

Kadhem Ali started out by making his boxes using ordinary wood. But after gaining experience, he began to use quality oak wood from Thailand and other woods, including the teak. The luxury look of the boxes is the result of the use of white copper tinfoil and carving of inscriptions, as well as the use of material such as velvet to line the boxes and the use of writing outside the boxes.

His boxes have his special style perfected down to the small details of the traditional appearance and the best choice of colours. He designs multicoloured boxes in various sizes for different occasions. He also carves and writes on fine wood pieces for all occasions and purposes and these artistic pieces add to the heritage spirit.

In view of his long experience, three years ago Kadhem Ali opened his own outlet in a mall. He continues to develop his creations to meet the changing consumer tastes.