Craftsman Isa Abdullah Jawad is inspired in his designs by the whiffs of the past. He is reckoned among the pioneers in ship-building as he started his journey 27 years ago.

Isa makes models of all types of dhows and takes care of the smallest details as if he is building real ships. He uses teakwood which is more than 200 years old. Teak is a heavy wood with high resistance to natural elements such as water and heat. It is usually used for making crafts of luxury designs. Isa also makes models of traditional crafts such as "Banoosh", "Al Baghla", "Al Jalboot" and "Al Ghanja".

He joined the Crafts Centre in 2006 and made models of some of the best Gulf ships such as "Boom", "Sanbook", "Baqara", "Patel", "Al Lama" and "Al Samha". His creations have gone beyond Bahrain to reach GCC countries, France, the US and Japan through his patrons. He has taken part in many ship-building activities across the world and his designs have a high demand. He plans to expand his activities to cover the overseas market and introduce new designs with his characteristic style and signature.