The traditional frames hold charm and special attraction in terms of their design and the use of the famous "Danchel" wood in making them. Abbas Guloom and Zainab Salah, a team of husband and wife, have mastered the craft of making these thanks to their talent in cutting and colouring wooden pieces and using these to make tables, walls and doors. They also specialise in designing frames for traditional pictures such as the images of the Quran or photos that reflect the Bahraini tradition such as horses, the sea, thob Al Nashil traditional dress and Arabic calligraphy. They add touches of modernity to their creations through the use of raw materials and adoption of creative cutting methods as well as through making artistic moulds in a variety of designs.

Their creations come in three sizes: small, medium and large. They have developed their artistic style through good quality tools that enable them to make their work more accurate in design, and the use of high-quality raw materials. This hardworking couple has taken part in many exhibitions in Bahrain and abroad.