Craftsman Tariq Al Abdullah’s Sanadeeq Al Mubayatah "traditional boxes" contain authentic details of the Gulf heritage. These are old wooden boxes decorated with golden tinfoil. In the past Gulf women kept such boxes to store their possessions and even today every Gulf home has one of these boxes. This craft originated in India and Gulf craftsmen mastered the art while altering the appearance of the boxes.

Tariq Al Abdullah has mastered the craft in the last 15 years. His products have moved from his home, where he began to make them, to the traditional tent at Bahrain International Airport. His boxes draw attention for their diversity of the wood colour and the luxury material used to make them, starting from the high-quality wood and golden and silver tinfoil. They are also remarkable for his handling of the copper sheets and the perfection in meeting the specifications demanded by his clients while maintaining the traditional identity of the products.

In 2009, Tariq Al Abdullah joined the Crafts Centre which has played a big role in marketing his creations and given him opportunities to take part in exhibitions in Bahrain and abroad.

He is now preparing to expand his commercial activities to cover Gulf countries, especially the Dubai and Doha markets, in order to reach the world at large.