In view of the distinguished place perfumes and fragrances have in the culture of the Arabian Gulf, Sumaiya Al Kuwari started to make perfumes and famous Arabic incenses (Bakhur and Oud) six years ago after a training course offered by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation. She came out with her own trademark "Bint Al Khaleej" by creating a special collection of "Oud, body creams and oils".

Sumaiya joined the Craft Centre in 2009 and since then her creations have expanded to include gifts. She also takes part in local and GCC exhibitions.

Sumaiya has marketed her work in Europe as gifts with an authentic Bahraini touch. But her ambition doesn’t end there; she is planning to create new Arabic blends of oud, bakhur and other aromas. She also plans to add a Gulf touch to French perfumes.