Artist Hameed Ali uses sand to draw on his unique experience that has spanned 15 years. He is inspired by the local heritage as well as the ancient Bahraini architecture.

Sand drawing is considered a tangible and touchable art. The sand is carefully collected from various areas with diverse environment. It is then sieved, washed and dried and is used with a special painting brush without the use of any industrial or chemical ingredients. Only oil and sandy colours are used.

After that the artist transforms the sand into a thick coating through the use of special resin; natural substances are added to increase the thickness of the coating and to enable it to retain its moisture and protect it from damage. Other materials such as clay, rice and henna are then added to get various tints. The second phase consists of making the frame from the same natural materials used in the painting.

Hameed started out with exhibiting his works at the Crafts Centre in 2007; his private studio is in Khamees. He has taken part in exhibitions in Bahrain as well as in the UK and the US.

Thanks to his rich artistic journey, Hameed has many ambitions, including making art walls in public places and holding an exhibition which would have all his works. He also plans to train Bahraini youth to preserve this type of art.