Artist Jamila Buhussain uses enamel for her artworks. It is a form of coloured glass powder which is placed on copper creations and under a certain degree of heat it melts and becomes an attractive coating on the metal. The enamelling process is also used to make certain types of jewellery. Jamila is also involved in creating works by using the art of "decoupage", which involves sticking and decorating with paper cut-outs, with the designs inspired by the Bahraini heritage and applied on wood, porcelain, pottery, metal and marble.

She started out during her university days when she joined training courses that qualified her to launch her small project after graduation. After that she went to art schools abroad. On her return to Bahrain she joined those concerned with the Bahraini heritage. Bahraini national heritage locations and Bab Al Bahrain are enriched with her beautiful artistic creations.

Jamila later joined the Craft Centre and started a workshop there. Since she dealt with tourists, this facilitated her in marketing her products. Then she hired Bahraini women with special needs in order to support them. Her best creations involve drawing and colouring ceramics, mirrors, mugs and business cards apart from her paintings.

Her works are marked by new and creative designs and are interesting for their details. She chooses the best raw material and ensures high quality. This has led to demand for her works in the GCC markets. Jamila plans to set up a craft centre for people with special needs and is set to launch many projects to raise the name of Bahrain high.