Artist and photographer Buthaina Fakhro has a long experience and an international academic background to pursue her art. She holds High National Diploma in stained glass from North Wales College in the UK and studied graphic design at Polytechnic School in Cambridge. She is an expert in painting on paper, glass, canvas and ceramics. All her works are inspired by the Bahraini heritage and she tends to highlight its best details within modern forms. She has shown her works around the world through a number of solo and group exhibitions. The Crafts Centre is one of her leading venues in Bahrain.

Buthaina is distinguished for her reach at the local and international levels and her works have been included in private collections in Bahrain, Qatar, Sharjah and UK as well the collections of private and public organisations elsewhere.

She helped put together photographs for the book "56 Women" that was assigned to her by the Supreme Council for Women in 2006. In the same year she also prepared the photographs for the Bahrain Children’s Development Society calendar. She was also associated with the writing of the book "Five Woman Artists", financed by the UK National Lottery. She has published many art books including "Impressions of the Gulf" (2007) and "Playing on Kurar" (2008).

Her creativity doesn't end there. She has opened an art school licensed by the Education Ministry and offers certificates accredited by Cambridge University in the UK. She also teaches and trains professionals.

Buthaina’s creative ambitions have no bounds and she is preparing for ever new forays into heritage to introduce new designs for jewelry and traditional dresses. She is soon going to approach companies and private organisations to design artistic commemorative gifts.