A foreword by H.E. the Minister

The Craft and traditional industries constitute an important part of Bahrain’s heritage. The Craft Industries Development Centre, located in the historic building of the old Manama Technical School, is a prominent landmark of Manama city in Bahrain. The Centre houses  most of the handicrafts and traditional skills practiced in Bahrain since ancient times. Many of these skills are in existence and practiced to this day. The government and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce encourage the development of these traditional crafts through the Centre’s workshops and facilities in order to promote the cultural heritage of Bahrain and to attract more young Bahrainis to these traditional industries.

The facilities at the Centre help in preservation of the local handicrafts and in nurturing the traditional skills of Bahrain thereby creating job opportunities and strengthening the creativity and innovation potential of local craft persons. The Craft Industries Development Centre plays an important role in making the craft industries economically viable and sustainable.

The website of the Craft Industries Development Centre has been created by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to spread awareness of the various handicrafts present in Bahrain and to promote and publicise the craft industries.

From this website I would like to thank all those who have contributed towards the progress of the Centre and wish them all success for the future development of the traditional and craft industries in Bahrain.

Zayed R. Alzayani
Minister of Industry and Commerce

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